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Learn how to paint a monstera leaf with me!

It’s no secret Covid-19 has us in a weird place right now. In one way or another we have all been affected by the pandemic and we’re just trying to navigate our way through the best way we can. Whether you’ve been laid off, pushed out of school early, forced to home school your kids, etc. now is the time to find the positives so we come out with our heads above water.

Teaching watercolour and calligraphy has always been on my mind, but I’ve never worked it into my schedule because I focus so heavily on weddings. Thanks to the pandemic the wedding industry has come to a crashing halt, however the silver lining is that I can finally open myself to teaching with the extra time on my hands. Enter Canadians Create! My friend Brittany from Peak Paper Co. formed an online community bringing artists together to provide light and creativity during this crazy time. Canadians Create is a space you can learn for FREE via live Facebook tutorials. Now is the time to try something new!

On April 24 at noon EST I’ll be hosting a free Facebook live tutorial (30ish minutes) on how to paint a simple watercolour monstera leaf- my favourite plant! If you’re unable to tune in live, the video will be posted permanently on their Facebook page to view when you’re able. The tutorial is beginner friendly, I’ll be teaching very basic techniques with affordable materials you can purchase online at your local craft store. Keep reading to see how to join and the materials you’ll need!


How to participate:

  • Join the Canadians Create Facebook group

  • Tune in April 24 at noon EST to follow along with the live tutorial

  • Click ‘Files’ on the Canadians Create page to view the full schedule


What you’ll need:

  • Printed leaf outline (download and print mine for free)

  • Watercolour paints (this palette from Michaels is perfect, it’s only $7.99 and they’re doing curb-side pickup)

  • Round paint brush (try this one in size 3 from Michaels if you don’t have any brushes)

  • Watercolour paper (doesn't have to be fancy, this pad from Michaels is my fave for beginners)

  • Empty paint palette or plate

  • Pencil + eraser

  • Bowl of water

  • Paper towel

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out, I hope to see you there!

Sending healthy virtual hugs!