Emma Allen Design


I’m Emma, the creator, hand letterer and stylist behind the goodies here. I like to focus not only on creating dream wedding stationery, but also on sharing my love of watercolour, lettering, home decor, and personal moments along the way.

Born and raised in small town Ontario, I have spent my journey after high school focusing on my creative endeavours while changing paths a few times along the way. I graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber in Toronto with a dual honours degree in Media Studies and Creative Photography. Upon graduation I moved to the west coast and dedicated 2 of my post-university years to photographing national level athletes at the Canadian Sport Institute.

After 2 years I decided to leave my cozy full-time job to start a business in 2014 (without having a single clue what I was doing), and I’m thrilled to say that 4 years later I’m still doing it. I started by photographing weddings and local events, but my love for graphic design soon snuck into my business plan. I taught myself how to use Illustrator and digitize artwork, not long after I was designing wedding invitations for people I knew and doing graphic design work for my best friends fitness business. I filled my extra time with anything health and adventure related; be it exploring the mountains of Vancouver Island, snorkelling through starfish and seaweed, and travelling to places far and wide.

In 2016 my boyfriend and I moved back to Ontario and now live in the beautiful Ottawa Valley. In 2018 I decided to retire from photography to focus on graphic design, lettering, and watercolour, and in this wonderful age of internet I can work with people all over the country.

When i’m not in the office you’ll find me adventuring with my boyfriend, wandering through the local nursery in search of a new house plant, cozied up with friends (and a glass of rosé), or making a concoction in the kitchen.